The continent of late has been fortunate to have realized the Utopian dream. Thanks to the efforts of Emperor Reinhardt we are moving forward as a society. No longer will anyone go hungry, no longer will racism tear the world, and no longer must its inhabitants live in fear. Glory to the Empire!
—Mek, Empire Herald

Recent History

History on the continent of Perdonia has been quite tumultuous. The continent was colonized many years ago by various races and people groups all vying for their piece of the new continent. As usual, with difference comes conflict. The colonists struggled to establish themselves on their new home. Between adjusting to a new land, combating native monsters and threats (the continent was primarily inhabited by goblinoids and dragonborn), and maintaining trade routes to the mainland over harsh seas, it was difficult to survive. But…survive they did. Populations increased and borders expanded. Civilization seemed to have a chance…until the trading ships from the mainland abruptly stopped.

Left on their own, the continent regressed. Though capable of supporting themselves, the colonies began harsh wars against one another in dispute of territory and resources. It was a fight for survival and for a home. Entire people groups were forced inland to find their place in this new world.

The past years have been rife with war and political struggle. Today however, after years of hard work, the civilized regions of the continent have been “united” into the Empire.

King Reinhardt, before he became Emperor, ruled over the powerful colony of New Alastria. He began a popular rule and gained much support for his ideals. He preached a prosperous future of grandeur: All the people of Perdonia united together for a common goal. He began a “wealth & equality for all” campaign in his home country and quickly gained support from neighboring allies and people of the land who were very tired of a daily struggle just to survive. Many countries were united and the Empire was formed.

These countries together controlled a significant military force which was used to “gather support” from previously uncommitted or defiant colonies. Opposition was strong until the Emperor, in a move with an idealistic front, declared goblins as accepted citizens of the Empire. Goblins quickly became his dirty workers, at the forefront of any battles and as guerrilla fighters. Goblin clan leaders were quick to sign up at the promise of land and benefits of citizenship in the Empire. This united force was enough to conquer and annex the civilizations of the continent.

Programs for the redistribution of wealth, resources, and talent were begun after the final nation had surrendered. The great military was spread throughout the Empire to act as policemen and government watchdogs. Uprisings, frequent at first, were crushed mercilessly. An agency comprised of government officials called “Givers” was created by the Emperor. Their presence became ubiquitous almost overnight. The Givers were the members of government with authority and jurisdiction over the allocation of resources. All goods and services were delivered to Empire facilities and distributed to approved merchants and workers…if there was any left after corrupted officials, bandits, resistance members, and lack of infrastructure took its toll.

Toting a message of equality the Emperor not only redistributed raw materials and goods, but talent and people as well. Dwarven blacksmiths and their families were uprooted and spread around the empire. Elvish mages and woodsmen were employed in the empires service.

The Empire is a bastion of glory for the people of Perdonia. We have put war behind us in order to look forward to the future. Of course, there are still those who refuse to live a life of peace. Those who enjoy spreading death and torture. Fret not, great citizens of the Empire, for those murderers and thieves will be met with a swift and deadly justice. Together we can forge a destiny of hope and wealth for all.
—Emperor Reinhardt, on Prosperity Day (also known as E-day, the day the last opposing colony surrendered)

A note on adventurers and adventurer guilds:

Adventurer guilds are…tolerated at best by the Empire, and certainly not encouraged. They do however have their uses in dealing with certain problems that a complexly structured military organization is incapable of dealing with. As such, adventurer guilds (whose earnings are properly taxed and redistributed of course) are allowed to exist as contractors for the Empire and its citizens.